/klʌb / (say klub)

1. a heavy stick, usually thicker at one end than at the other, suitable for a weapon; a cudgel.
2. the butt end of a rifle.
3. a stick or bat used to drive a ball, etc., in various games.
4. a stick with a crooked head used in golf, etc.
5. Indian club.
6. a group of persons organised for a social, literary, sporting, political, or other purpose, regulated by rules agreed by its members.
7. the building or rooms owned by or associated with such a group, sometimes lavishly decorated and furnished, and offering dining, gambling, theatrical, and other facilities to members.
8. Insurance a friendly society.
9. a black trifoliate figure on a playing card.
10. a card bearing such figures.
11. (plural) the suit so marked.
verb (clubbed, clubbing)
verb (t)
12. to beat with, or as with, a club.
13. to gather or form into a club-like mass.
14. to unite; combine; join together.
15. to defray by proportional shares: to club the expense.
16. to invert (a rifle, etc.) so as to use as a club.
verb (i)
17. to combine or join together as for a common purpose.
18. to gather into a mass.
19. club in,
a. to contribute as one's share of a general expense.
b. to contribute to a common fund.
20. club together, to combine one's resources, especially financial: to club together to hire a boat.
21. club up, to make up (a sum) by joint contribution.
22. join the club, Colloquial (an acknowledgement that a person shares an experience or state with others.)
{Middle English clubbe, from Old Norse klubba}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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